Levon is here. School gym renamed to honor alumni killed in war

Kindness was spreading around at Ayb School on that day. Ayb alumni, donors, teachers, and students gathered under one roof for a commemoration ceremony.

Тhe gym of the school’s Building C was renamed to honor the class of 2020 graduate Levon Hovsepyan, who was killed in the recent Artsakh war. The initiative belongs to Ayb benefactors Sergey Badalyan and Marine Dallakyan. Levon’s parents and relatives arrived from Artsakh to take part in the event.

The ceremony started with a prayer offered by Father Mesrop Aramyan. “We will always remember Levon, whose example will inspire the future generations. Levon will be alive in our hearts as we never stop praying for those who left this world and go into the infinite. May the memory of them live forever,” Father Mesrop said.

“By renaming the gym, we immortalize Levon’s name, and all those heroes who lost their lives defending our homeland,” Sergey Badalyan remarked. “I wish the coming generations will know Levon and thousands of young men like him,” Marine Dallakyan added.

Levon entered Ayb School as a result of a special admission organized for the applicants from provinces, getting full tuition fee reimbursement and the possibility to reside at AGBU Vahe Karapetian center.

During his high school years (from 2017 to 2020) he was involved in various community initiatives and events. As a holder of Ayb values and faith, he was an active participant of Aybapatum program, sharing his knowledge and bringing Ayb principles to different schools. He also participated in the program implemented jointly with a Kazakh school and was among the Ayb students, who visited Kazakhstan as part of this cooperation.

Levon enjoyed the love and respect of everyone around him. He participated in mathematics and physics subject Olympiads and demonstrated outstanding results.

Group coordinator Tigran Harutyunyan recollects Levon as an initiative-taking and helpful student. “Levon was the embodiment of kindness. He was always the first to rush to help. And he rushed to defend his homeland,” Harutyunyan says.

All those who knew Levon were aware of his love for sports and sporting events. As a sports group member, he often organized and participated in football and chess game. He also got 2 silver medals at QSI International School track and field athletics competition.

Levon’s friends say it never took long to hind him: the gym was one of his favorite venues. And it’s not a coincidence that from now on the gym in Building C will bear his name - Levon Hovsepyan.

At the end of the commemoration event, Levon’s classmates performed his favorite patriotic songs and a military dance to honor him and all other heroic men, who were killed in the war.

May the memory of you live forever, our beloved Levon!


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